Plant Identification Course 12th May 2014

Throughout this year, Acer Ecology will be running a wide range of one day training courses for all ecology enthusiasts from Bird Identification to Sedge Identification.

Whether you’re a graduate or student eager to gain more valuable skills for your CV and future employment, or enjoy nature and are looking to improve your skills and meet like minded ecology lovers such as yourselves, we offer a wide range of training courses for everyone!

This week, we held our Plant Identification Course at Bute Park Education Centre, taught by botanist, Mark Duffell.


It was great to be working with Mark Duffell again, an experienced botantist who also teaches a wide range of courses for The Field Studies Council. We previously worked with Mark a couple of weeks back for our Phase 1 Survey Training Course with Cardiff Wildsoc.


Once again, Mark tutored an exciting and interesting course for everyone. He talked us all through the basics of Plant Identification and throughout the course, we learnt the best methods to conduct plant codes. He even used a few unusual but fun practical methods to help us learn!


Mark showed the group that you can write down the flora formula using fruit or parts of fruit.


It was great to see such a variety of people attending the course, too! We had some recent graduates looking to extend their ecological skills, we also had one woman who was looking for a complete career change and another person who had worked in aquatic ecology for 15 years and was looking for a refresher course. It’s great how so many people of different backgrounds and ages can all come together on the same course.



Overall, I feel that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the course and we would like to say a big thank you to Bute Park Education Centre for providing us with their facilities again, to Mark Duffell for once again coming all the way from sunny Shropshire to tutor the course and also to everyone who came! Its great to meet new people who enjoy ecology as much as we do!

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