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We offer Expert and Bespoke Bat Training Courses

We Can Provide Bat Sound Analysis Training – Meet Erika Dahlberg, our Bat Sound Analysis Expert

We can provide bespoke bat sound analysis training, either in our Cardiff or Bristol office, or we can provide training at your office space.

Bat sound analysis is a vital tool used by the majority of ecologists worldwide to determine the presence of bat species in and around a development site. This is a subject that is ever-evolving as there is always new software and books regarding identifying bat sonograms every year.

Our Bat Sound Analysis Expert

Erika Dahlberg
Erika our Bat Ecologist

Erika is a highly experienced bat ecologist. She graduated from Portsmouth University with a BSc (Hons) in Animal Management and from Napier University Edinburgh with a PGDip in Wildlife Biology and Conservation. She has been conducting professional bat surveys since 2009 and she holds both Welsh and English bat licences. She has conducted countless engaging c bat sound analysis a subject of which she is most passionate about. She is also an expert and provided numerous training courses on bat mitigation.

Where is the course held?

We come to you!


The course can be held in the comfort of your own office space or alternatively in our office in Cardiff or Bristol. We can supply all of the required equipment. All you need is a laptop or desktop computer!

The courses discuss how to measure and analyse different bat calls and the characteristics that help us to identify different species. The identification features illustrated will apply to a range of different software. During the course, participants can be shown how to use BatExplorer, BatSound, AnalookW, Analook Insight or Kaleidoscope software as well as how to identify calls of various species.

Bat calls

We can provide training courses to cover:

  • Intro to Sound Analysis, Bat ID and Bat Sonograms.
  • Basic principles of Sound Analysis.
  • Species ID.
  • Detailed training in the use of sound analysis software including any of the following: BatExplorer, Bat Sound, AnalookW, Analook Insight or Kaleidoscope.
  • Data Presentation.

The course contents can be tailored to meet your specific needs. If you would like a course dedicated to BatExplorer then we can meet that request!

If this is something that would interest you please contact us now to find out more!

Contact us on 029 2065 0331 or for more information or to enroll.