protected species licence applicationsMany animals and some plant species are legally protected by the UK and European legislation.

For all European Protected Species such as bats, otter, dormouse, great crested newt or UK protected species such as badger, water vole and white-clawed crayfish, a development licence can be granted which permits activities that would otherwise be illegal.

In some situations, works can be programmed in such a way as to minimise disturbance to protected species so that a licence is not required.

If a licence is required this will involve the production of a detailed method statement which sets out the activities to be carried out under the licence to minimise the risk of protected species being harmed during construction works. It is likely that certain elements of the work will be seasonally constrained.

We will provide you with expert ecological advice to develop a strategy ensuring that the work can be undertaken as quickly as possible whilst remaining sympathetic to the needs of the protected species.

Acer Ecology has successfully applied for many protected species development licences including bat licences for barn conversions, churches and manor houses, as well as projects involving great crested newt, dormouse, otter and badger. Click here for examples of our project work.

If your project requires the UK protected species licence (badger, white-clawed crayfish, water vole) or a European Protected Species licence (bats, dormouse, great crested newt, otter) call us on 029 2065 0331 for more information.