Badger Survey

Badgers and their setts are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, which makes it illegal to kill, injure them or to interfere with a sett.

Badgers are often affected by development projects and a licence from the statutory agency (Natural Resources Wales or Natural England) is needed if work likely to cause disturbance to badgers is planned close to an active sett. Licences are also required for the exclusion, closure or destruction of a sett.

As long as the setts are not damaged, nor the badgers disturbed, many activities are permitted around them. These activities can include vegetation clearance and work with hand tools or machinery. However, the noise and vibration levels for such work must remain within the levels commonly tolerated by badgers.

Surveys can be undertaken throughout the year, although the period from October to April is most effective when vegetation cover is reduced, setts are readily visible and badgers are highly active.

When setts cannot be retained within a development site, the badgers must be excluded prior to sett destruction. This work can only be undertaken under licence and will only be permitted from July to November as the breeding season runs from December to June. Other mitigation can include the creation of foraging habitat and the installation of badger-proof fencing and tunnels to new or existing roads.

Our ecologists are able to undertake badger surveys, bait marking and territory analysis, apply for badger licences, provide supervision of sett closure and design artificial setts, fencing and tunnels.

More information about badgers can be found in our article badgers: give a flying brock.

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