Acer Ecology Conducts Tree Climbing Surveys

Tree Climbing Surveys are used to determine whether bat and bird species are roosting or nesting within trees that are likely to be affected by a proposed development.

A tree climbing survey involves several licensed, experienced surveyors trained to climb trees to inspect the features that may have wildlife utilising them. This useful survey method allows Acer Ecology to provide accurate and reliable survey which is in turn helpful for the client and wildlife.

As all bat roosts and nesting birds are protected under UK and EU law, using tree climbing surveys to determine whether wildlife is present within a site or trees on site are incredibly valuable. This information is vital especially when trees are planned to be pruned or felled prior to works. These tree surveys are often accompanied by a preliminary ecological appraisal of the site or before the main tree survey is conducted to decide on the future management of the trees.

Bird Survey

If bat roosts are confirmed on site, we can then design the relevant precautionary measures (such as timing of works), and compensation (such as erection of bat boxes) and mitigation strategies, as well as gain a European Protected Species Licence where required.

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