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Bat Ecology and Conservation Course 4th April 2012

This course is perfect for anyone who works with or has a keen interest in bats as the course will provide an introduction to bat biology, ecology and conservation. During the course participants will learn about the different UK species in terms of:

  • Range and distribution,
  • Taxonomy and evolution,
  • Physiological adaptations,
  • Life histories,
  • Foraging ecology,
  • Life cycle and roosting requirements,
  • Flight and reproduction,
  • Echolocation and feeding,
  • Roosting and hibernation,
  • Bats and the law,
  • Threats to bats and;
  • Bat conservation.

Course Booking

The course will run on the 25th of July from 18:00-21:00 and costs £40 per person inclusive of VAT. It will be held at Acer Ecology’s office in Cardiff Bay. All attendees will be issued with a certificate of attendance.

Contact us on 029 2065 0331 or to enrol on our course or find out more.

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