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Identifying Barriers to Bats: The Power of Artificial Light and Sound Pollution – Evening Course – 25th February 2019

Identifying Barriers to Bats: The Power of Artificial Light and Sound Pollution

Night-time artificial light and sound pollution are common characteristics of human-dominated landscapes. These present a considerable challenge for nocturnal fauna, such as bats. British bats and their roosts are currently protected by UK and European legislation. However, critical knowledge gaps still remain in our understanding concerning the effects of artificial light and sound pollution on bats. This can make effective mitigation difficult, particularly during urban development projects. The research presented here sets out to determine the responses of different urban-dwelling British bats to combinations of artificial light and sound using robust, spatially-explicit, field-based experiments. Understanding the influence of these potential stressors has important implications for bat conservation and can aid in the identification of crucial habitat for bat populations at multiple spatial scales. Integrating the findings of evidence-based research into environmental policy and real-world mitigation strategies is a key component of building sustainable and resilient spaces for people and wildlife.

This course will provide a comprehensive review of how British bats are affected by artificial light and sound pollution, aiming to offer new insights based on Jack’s cutting-edge PhD research. This will be followed by an open discussion regarding the issues concerning artificial lighting and sound pollution when mitigating for bats in the context of current guidelines and best practice.

This course is relevant for ecological consultants, urban planners and decision-makers, and students on Biological and Environmental Science pathways with an interest in bat ecology.

Noctule (C) Jack MerrifieldThis course will be run by expert Jack Merrifield – PhD (pending), MSc, PGCE, BSc, GradCIEEM.

Course Booking:

    • The course costs £15 per person.
    • All attendees will be issued with a certificate of attendance.
    • The course will run from 6.00pm until 8.00pm.
    • The course will be held at Acer Ecology’s office in Cardiff Bay.

Contact us on 029 2065 0331 or enquiries@acerecology.co.uk for more information or to enrol.

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