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Happy Spring Equinox To All!

What is Spring Equinox All About?

It is officially the first day of Spring! What is Spring Equinox actually about and what is it for?

Today marks the arrival of the first official day of Spring. This also means that the sun will rise exactly in the east and travel through the sky for 12 hours before setting exactly in the west.

An equinox happens twice a year, around March 20th and September 22nd. This is when the Earth’s equator passes through the centre of the sun. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the time of the autumn equinox that is slowly becoming Winter.

Continuing the tradition throughout the years, at 5:45 am to 8:00 am this morning, English Heritage opened Stonehenge so people could come and see the sunrise above the stones. It is known that the Pagans thought this to be the time of the Ancient Saxon goddess, Eostre, who stands for new beginnings and fertility. She is symbolized by eggs, signifying new life and often rabbits or hares for fertility. It is also more than likely the reason we came up with the tradition of a Spring Clean, representing new beginnings and change!

European HaresWithin new beginnings and change, Spring Equinox is also known to be a time for cleansing yourself. In places such as Wiltshire and other rural parts of Britain, the tradition is to drink dandelion and burdock cordials as the herbs help to cleanse the blood and are a good tonic for the body after the coldness of the winter.

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