great crested newt survey forest of dean

Newt so Fast: Natural Environmental Rules and Regulations

A recent article in the Guardian outlined the importance of complying with protected species legislation. The article is quite an alarmist but we agree with the quoted message.

‘The message to those advising anyone with interest in land, however large or small, is loud and clear. If your client has a protected species on its land which they intend to develop, it is absolutely vital that they have the site surveyed by a competent environmental consultant, who will be able to identify any potential risks.’

Acer Ecology can help you to comply with wildlife legislation, secure planning permission and ensure that your development proceeds efficiently, on time and within budget.

It is advisable to check for the presence of great crested newts as early as possible – ideally before any land purchase. Great Crested Newt surveys can only be done at certain times of the year (See our guidance on when ecology surveys can be undertaken) and therefore must be carefully programmed to avoid considerable delays. Alternative sites should be considered and surveyed at an early stage, as activities affecting newts can only be licensed where there is no satisfactory alternative.

Our licensed great crested newt specialists are experienced in the survey, European Protected Species licensing, as well as mitigation design and implementation.

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