Biodiversity Net Gain – Hereford

The recent new Environment Act is making Biodiversity Net Gain a requirement for new development projects. To ensure compliance with environmental legislation, developers will need to consider biodiversity net gain for any upcoming projects.

If you are based in Hereford or surrounding areas, we can provide experienced ecologists to help with your project. We can conduct initial ecology surveys and then carry out a biodiversity net gain assessment.

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What is Biodiversity Net Gain?

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) refers to development which results in a net increase in biodiversity. To achieve a biodiversity net gain in line with the new Environment Act, a development must provide a 10% increase in biodiversity, which is measured through a metric (Metric 3.0). Net gain arises through the process of avoidance of biodiversity loss, mitigation and compensation, and enhancement.

Environment Act 2021

The Environment Bill 2019 became the Environment Act 2021, after gaining Royal Assent in Autumn 2021. We are currently in a two-year transitionary period, until further secondary legislation is made,  where biodiversity net gain is not yet a legal requirement. However, ahead of biodiversity net gain becoming a legal requirement, certain local authorities are updating their current planning policies to make it a mandatory planning requirement now.