How Successful Are Bat Mitigation Strategies?

In Britain, all 17 species of bat are legally protected meaning that it is an offence to, amongst other things, disturb a bat in its roost or deliberately disturb a group of bats, and damage or destroy a bat roosting … Read More

Phase 1 Introductory Course- 7th August 2018

The Phase 1 introductory course will provide an informative introduction into Phase 1 habitat surveys. The course will begin with a presentation on Phase 1 technique and habitats before moving outside to use the techniques you have learnt on fieldwork … Read More

Ecology Training Courses 2018

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This year Acer Ecology will be running a whole range of wildlife courses throughout South Wales and beyond. The Ecology Training Courses 2018 are aimed at anyone with an interest in local wildlife but could also be useful for undergraduates … Read More

Emotional Intelligence Workshop- 15th September 2018

The Emotional Intelligence Workshop will introduce participants to the concept of Emotional Intelligence, how it differs from IQ, and why empath and Emotional Intelligence are important- especially in the office environment. This workshop will give you the tools to improve … Read More

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