Bridge Repair Project at Coleg Gwent – Bat Mitigation Successfully Implemented

Acer Ecology Ltd. became involved with Coleg Gwent’s Berthin Brook Bridge Repair Project at its licensing stage. The bridge needed to be repaired due to the supporting pillar between Arches 2 and 3 crumbling and the outer layer of bricks … Read More

Or in our case: Don’t Judge a Bat Worker by Its Cover!

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A volunteer project was undertaken at the Central Library in Cardiff to challenge prejudice against different subjects within out society. Different topics were discussed such as poverty, sexual orientation, refugees, emigration and among all these hot discussion bats were also … Read More

Bat Mitigation at St Tewdrics House, Chepstow

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On 11th January 2018, a bat mitigation check was undertaken at St Tewdrics and we were happy to see that the bat loft incorporated into the newly created wedding venue was in use. We found a cluster of lesser horseshoe … Read More

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