Identifying barriers to bats: the power of artificial light and sound pollution – Evening Course 25th February 2019

Artificial light at night and sound pollution are characteristic of human-dominated landscapes. These present a considerable challenge for nocturnal fauna, such as bats. British bats and their roosts are currently protected by UK and European legislation. However, critical knowledge gaps … Read More

The Military’s Overwhelming Wildlife Diversity

Churchill’s Conservation Legacy It may seem counter-intuitive to think that the army boots and tanks rumbling across the vast MOD estates dotted around the country are producing some of the most species-rich and valuable habitats in the UK…but the fact is … Read More

Bat Mitigation Successfully Implemented near Brecon

Acer Ecology was commissioned to undertake a bat survey of a residential building where the owners had requested planning permission to build a one-storey extension, install external insulation and add sky-lights.  House before Works Three flight surveys were undertaken on … Read More

A Monmouth Cottage – Multiple Bat Species Identified!

Acer Ecology carried out bat surveys of a property near Monmouth area early this year. The property in question was an unoccupied, two-storey cottage, that was being used primarily as a storage facility and located in an area of high-quality … Read More

Garage Conversion – Bat Mitigation Installed

Proposed Works The owners of this Monmouthshire building wished to convert a detached garage into an independent living area. Bats were already known to be inhabiting the main building next door to the garage, so a bat survey and a … Read More

Building an Extension in Caerphilly – Bat Mitigation Installed

Planning permission was granted for the erection of a two-storey side extension with a front gable, rear balcony and a revised car park for a community centre in Caerphilly. Previous bat surveys were conducted in 2012 and 2013 which indicated … Read More

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