A preliminary ecological appraisal is meant to identify areas on a site which may provide habitat for protected species, and may lead to further species-specific surveys being recommended. It also maps out the specific habitats found on site, some of which are more ecologically valuable than others, and assesses the likely impact on these habitats and species caused by the development. Local authorities often call this different names, including an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey, a Baseline ecological survey, a Phase 1  Survey, an Ecological Constraints Survey or an Ecological Walkover.

Acer Ecology can provide experienced surveyors to conduct these appraisals and produce professional-standard reports to go with your planning application. Following the preliminary appraisal, we can also offer further surveys, mitigation design and ecological enhancement strategies, as well as licence applications which may be necessary for your development to proceed.

We have carried out surveys in Ammanford, as well as in surrounding areas including Burry Pot, Carmarthen, Llandeilo, St Clears, Whitland, Sandy and Pendine.

If your planning development needs an ecological survey, or for more information about any of the ecological services that we provide, please call us on 02920 650331, or email us at enquiries@acerecology.co.uk.