river surveyRiparian Health Survey

Riparian corridor assessments essentially risk assessing the riparian corridor for factors that may impact the quality of the river environment. This assessment provides a tool to assess changes in the riparian condition that impact on water quality, biodiversity and river health outcomes. A high level of risk means that the condition of the riparian zone may be detrimental to the river’s health and water quality. A low level of human disturbance or a well-managed site may have a very low level of risk to these outcomes.

Management of riparian areas aims to reduce the level of risk by improving the condition of the riparian zone directly or indirectly. We can undertake surveys to assess the ecological health of river catchments in order to inform future management for biodiversity benefit and river restoration. We can provide the following survey information:

• Broad habitat type
• Priority habitat/Phase I
• Target notes on species composition
• Species data (e.g. Presence of European Protected Species and LBAP species)
• Invasive species including Rhododendron, Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed
• Site photographs which can be used to assess future changes and trends
• Current condition/management – e.g. overgrazing/shading etc
• Management recommendations
• Sites of silt runoff
• Fishery characteristics – e.g. migration barriers, spawning gravel

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