fish surveyFisheries

Fish surveys and rescues are often required for developments affecting watercourses or water bodies. The types of development requiring fish surveys include hydroelectric schemes, channel realignment, in-channel construction, and water abstraction.

We provide a variety of fisheries services including:

• Licensed fish surveys (including electrofishing, trapping, and netting);
• Salmonoid recruitment surveys;
• Fish rescue, transportation, and relocation;
• Barrier assessment;
• Barrier removal & mitigation;
• Habitat creation; and
• Fisheries management.

Licensed Fish Surveys

We can undertake fish surveys to determine which fish species are present, population density, age profiles, and fish condition/ health checks.

Survey data can be used to assess the population status and WFD Water Framework Directive status.

Other fish survey methods include salmonoid recruitment surveys, smolt monitoring, gill net survey, fyke netting, seine-netting, and specialist class/age sampling techniques and fish scale analysis.

fish survey cardiffFish Rescue, Transportation, and Relocation

Fish rescues can be undertaken to prevent fish stranding at sites that are planned to be drained for a given project. Generally, fish rescues are undertaken using a variety of techniques including repeated electro-fishing to achieve effective removal of fish.

Fish habitat and restoration

We can conduct fish habitat surveys and assessments, and provide advice on techniques available for improving sites for spawning and shelter, undertake barrier assessment surveys to quantify the extent to which an obstacle impacts fish migration. We can provide advice on the effective removal or mitigation of barriers to improve access for fish to upstream reaches and advise on the design and installation of fish and eel passes.

Fisheries management

We can also assist with practical fisheries planning and management. We can provide fisheries surveys looking at channel data, pollution points, obstacles, channel and bank modifications and spawning locations.

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