Tree Sparrow

Nearly all birds, their nests and eggs are protected under UK law and some especially rare species are given enhanced protection from disturbance during the breeding season. Therefore, planning authorities may ask you to commission a bird survey in order to evaluate the potential disturbance to birds and their nests. Almost all development sites have the potential to support nesting birds and this can impose seasonal constraints on the timing of site clearance.

We have carried out numerous bird surveys in and around Hexham, Northumberland. We are well placed to undertake bird surveys in Northumberland and the surrounding areas, including Acomb, Corbridge, Newbrough, and Chollarford. As well as the counties surrounding Northumberland, including Cumbria and Durham as well as over the border in Scotland. We also have conducted numerous bird surveys in Newcastle and in protected areas such as Northumberland National Park.

Wheatear on Bird Survey

At Acer Ecology, our experienced bird surveyors can advise you on survey methodology, legal protection, mitigation options and the timing of development works. In order to allow your development to run as smoothly as possible. We have the capacity to undertake a wide range of bird surveys including:

  • Vantage Point Survey for Wind Turbine Developments;
  • Breeding Bird Surveys;
  • Winter Bird Surveys;
  • Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS);
  • Common Bird Census (CBC) surveys; and
  • Moorland Surveys using the ‘Brown and Shepherd’ methodology and species-specific surveys.

For more information about bird surveys or any of our other ecological services, please contact Acer Ecology at our head office on 02920 650 331 or us at email