Life of a Bat Carer – Part 2: Rehabilitation and Release

In the previous article on this series, we discussed the training required to become a bat carer and the various stages associated with rescuing a bat. If you missed it, you can read it here. This second part of the … Read More

Life of a Bat Carer – Part 1: Training and Rescue

There are only a few trained bat carers all over the UK, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of bats. They do this voluntarily and give up a significant part of their day to rescue and care for bats … Read More

Hedgehogs – Is Their Current Protection Too Weak?

Protection for Wildlife in the UK The majority of the wildlife in the UK are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). This act offers different levels of protection depending on the plight of the species. Animals listed under … Read More

Phase 1 & QGIS Training Course -3rd March 2019 – Day Course

This one day course comprises a session on Phase One Habitat survey methods in the morning, and QGIS training in the afternoon. The Phase One Habitat Survey is the industry-standard habitat mapping method which is used as a baseline in most … Read More