Bat Mitigation at St Tewdrics House, Chepstow

On 11th January 2018, a bat mitigation check was undertaken at St Tewdrics and we were happy to see that the bat loft incorporated into the newly created wedding venue was in use. We found a cluster of lesser horseshoe … Read More

Acer Ecology’s Laughter Yoga Challenge for Blue Monday!

Acer Ecology took advantage of a great opportunity to demonstrate the practice of Laughter Yoga for personal wellbeing for Made In Cardiff TV. Blue Monday is known as possibly the most depressing day of the year and Made In Cardiff … Read More

Great Crested Newt Survey Licence Course 2019 course date not confirmed

Great Crested Newts Course 2019 course date not confirmed This course has been designed for ecologists, students and people working in countryside management who are looking to undertake professional great crested newt surveys. The course will introduce the legislation relating … Read More

Bat Surveys of Traditional and Listed Buildings

Different Types of Traditional Building Traditional buildings are present throughout Britain. They may comprise agricultural structures, period properties, listed buildings, churches and places of worship. They often form key contributions to an area’s sense of identity and character. Furthermore, they … Read More