Bat Hibernation Evening Course – 5th February 2018

This evening course will introduce participants to bat ecology throughout their annual cycle, with an emphasis on the hibernation period. Participants will gain an understanding of what physically happens to bats during hibernation, including their metabolism. Participants will learn which are the … Read More

Dormouse Ecology – March 7th 2018 – Evening Course

The course provides an introduction to dormouse ecology and the survey methods used for the species, including nut searches, the use of nest-tubes, nest boxes and nest identification.  The course will consider how dormice can affect developments and will consider legal issues, planning, mitigation design and licensing. Advice … Read More

A Developer’s Guide: How to Apply for a Bat Mitigation Licence?

How to Apply for a Bat Licence? If you require planning permission to make alterations to your home or property, the Local Planning Authority (LPA) may require you to undertake bat surveys on your property before being able to grant … Read More

Introduction to Bat Detector Surveys and Bat Survey Methods – 30th April 2019 – Evening Course

The course is designed for professional or amateur bat surveyors who would like to learn how to undertake bat detector surveys or improve their bat surveying skills. The course will include indoor and outdoor sessions where participants will be taught … Read More

The Hedgehog

The Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) Hedgehogs are found across the UK and Ireland. Since the 1950s, 95% of the UK’s hedgehogs have disappeared. The population has declined from 36 million animals to only about 1 million today. This represents a very … Read More