We recently carried out a bat survey of an agricultural building that was proposed for redevelopment on the outskirts of Sidmouth in Devon.

A low number of scattered droppings were recorded within the barn, and we therefore carried out further dusk emergence and dawn re-entry surveys, which confirmed that the building was not being used by low numbers of pipistrelle and myotis bats. The project progressed smoothly through the planning process.

We are an experienced and expanding ecological consultancy specialising in bat surveys. We are well placed to undertake bat surveys across Devon, including Exeter, Newton Abbot, Torquay, Chagford, Crediton, Tiverton and Dartmoor. We are able to provide a competitive quote to potential clients on a case by case basis. If part of your planning application requires a bat survey then we can help ensure that your development passes smoothly through this process.

Bats and their roosts are fully protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act and the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017. 

Due to this legislation, local planning authorities may ask you to undertake a survey for bats if they believe that any works may affects bats or their roosts. The objective of a bat survey is to:

1. Establish the presence/ likely absence of the bat roosts within trees and buildings;

2. Identify the activity of bats across the site and key commuting and foraging routes; and

3. Recommend ecological mitigation and enhancement where required.

Our ecologists are experienced in surveying for bats, European Protected Species licensing, mitigation design and implementation, and supervision of works.

For more information about bat surveys, or any of our other ecological services, please contact Acer Ecology on 02920 650 331, or email enquiries@acerecology.co.uk..

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