Great Crested Newt Survey Somerset

Time Running Out to Undertake Great Crested Newt Surveys

Great crested newts are fully protected under UK and European law. The protection extends to the individual animals and to the habitats which support them. Great crested newts are regularly encountered on building sites.

As it is now the beginning of May, you are running out of time to commission a great crested newt survey within this season. At spring time adult great crested newt move from their terrestrial sites to ponds to breed. To ensure that the great crested survey is robust at least a half of the newt survey visits should be conducted between mid-April and mid-May. Act now to ensure that your survey is completed this year.

Alternatively, a presence or absence survey can be undertaken using the environmental DNA technique until the 30th June.

Our licensed great crested newt specialists are experienced in survey, European Protected Species licensing, as well as mitigation design and implementation.

Our article on great crested newt surveys explains the survey techniques involved in carrying out a great crested newt survey and our article on great crested newts throughout the year give more information on the ecology of great crested newts. Our handy survey calendar shows the seasonal constraints associated with ecological surveys.

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