Dormouse Survey Stroud, Gloucestershire

April is a Good Time to Undertake Dormouse Nest Tube Surveys

April is a good time to begin undertaking dormouse nest-tube surveys. Ideally, dormouse nest tubes should be in place in early April in time to attract dormice when they come out of hibernation in late April to early May. The exact time that dormice emerge from hibernation varies from year to year, dependent on weather conditions, food availability and location within the UK.

dormouse nest tubeNest tubes should be attached to trees and shrubs using garden wire or plastic ties. The tubes should be fastened underneath horizontal branches with the opening facing into the cover of the hedge, shrub or tree. Nest tubes should be checked during the summer months at fortnightly intervals.

Nest tubes can be set up and checked without a licence until the first dormouse is found. After that only a licensed handler can check them. Dormice are fully protected under UK and European law and it is an offence to disturb them, or to damage their habitats.

Our licensed dormouse specialists are experienced in survey, European Protected Species licensing, as well as mitigation design and implementation.

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