bird survey south wales

Bird Breeding Season Starts Soon

It is only 1 month until breeding bird surveys can begin.

When Should Breeding Bird Surveys be Undertaken?

Breeding bird surveys should be undertaken between mid-March and mid-July.

Consultant Tip:

Best practice dictates that visits are spread throughout the survey season. This is vital as it makes the assessment more robust.

Do you Anticipate Bird Surveys Will be Required for your Project?

Acer Ecology has the capacity to undertake a wide range of bird surveys. As well as Breeding Bird Surveys we are also able to undertake Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS), Moorland Surveys using the ‘Brown and Shepherd’ methodology, vantage point surveys and species-specific surveys.

Why Us?

Our experienced ornithologists can advise you on survey methodology, legal protection, mitigation options and the timing of development works. For more information or advice on the ecological services we provide, call us on 029 2065 0331, or email

Survey Timings