Bat Survey, Marine Buildings Penarth

Acer Ecology appear in local newspaper Penarth Times

Acer Ecology has appeared in the local newspaper The Penarth Times. Read the article below:

Bat survey at Penarth’s Marine Buildings ahead of development plans

Tuesday 14th February 2012

LOCAL ecologists have carried out a bat survey of the Marine Buildings – the derelict landmark proposed for a £6 million refurbishment which would see it become a 55-bedroom boutique hotel.

According to the Acer Ecology website, a visual inspection of the external and interior parts of the building was undertaken to locate evidence of current or past bat roosts, as part of the planning requirements for the project.

“In accordance with the methodology outlined in the Bat Conservation Trust’s Bat Surveys: Good Practice Guidelines (2007), the exterior of the building was searched for evidence of use by bats and to look for features offering roosting potential or allowing access into the interior of the structure,” said a statement.

“The interior spaces including the roof voids were searched for evidence of actual bats as well as signs of bats (droppings, feeding remains, staining, scratch marks, noise and the remains of dead bats).

“Dusk emergence and dawn re-entry surveys were undertaken using electronic bat detectors to determine if bats were roosting within the building.”

Paul Hudson, principal ecologist at Acer Ecology said: “No evidence of bats was found by the survey.”

The family of restaurateur Benigno Martinez, who owns the neighbouring Old Customs House from which he runs the El Puerto and La Marina restaurants, has owned the Marine Buildings since 2000.

They previously said they believe the time is right to ‘bring it back to its former glory’.

The proposal is currently undergoing inspection by the Vale of Glamorgan Council planning department.

Nigel Arnold, the architect behind the renovation, said they were due to make a presentation to the design commission for Wales this week.

“We are hopeful of a decision on the proposal by the planning department at the end of February or beginning of March,” he said.

“All in all things are looking pretty positive.”

Source: The Penarth Times