Identifying Barriers to Bats: The Power of Artificial Light and Sound Pollution – Evening Course 25th February 2019

Night-time artificial light and sound pollution are common characteristics of human-dominated landscapes. These present a considerable challenge for nocturnal fauna, such as bats. British bats and their roosts are currently protected by UK and European legislation. However, critical knowledge gaps … Read More

The History of Bat Detectors

What is Bat Echolocation Bat echolocation is what bats use to navigate so as to forage in the dark. Sound waves are emitted from their mouths or nose. When the sound hits an object it produces echoes, which then return … Read More

Bat Mitigation Successfully Implemented near Brecon

Acer Ecology was commissioned to undertake a bat survey of a residential building where the owners had requested planning permission to build a one-storey extension, install external insulation and add sky-lights.  House before Works Three flight surveys were undertaken on … Read More

A Monmouth Cottage – Multiple Bat Species Identified!

Earlier this year, Acer Ecology was commissioned to carried out bat surveys of a property near Monmouth. The property in question was an unoccupied, two-storey cottage, that was being used primarily as a storage facility and was located in an … Read More

Garage Conversion – Bat Mitigation Installed

Proposed Works The owners of this Monmouthshire building wished to convert a detached garage into an independent living area. Bats were already known to be inhabiting the main building next door to the garage, so a bat survey and a … Read More

Building an Extension in Caerphilly – Bat Mitigation Installed

Planning permission was granted for the erection of a two-storey side extension with a front gable, rear balcony and a revised car park for a community centre in Caerphilly. Previous bat surveys were conducted in 2012 and 2013 which indicated … Read More