Welcome to Acer Ecology

Acer Ecology is an ecological and wildlife consultancy with our main office based in Cardiff. We also have a number of home-based ecologists throughout the country. We can assist you by providing a full range of ecological and wildlife services from scoping and protected species surveys through to impact assessment, mitigation design, implementation and monitoring.

All specialist ecological areas are covered including bats, birds, great crested newts, dormouse, reptiles, water voles, badgers and invertebrates. As an ecological consultancy, the majority of our work is related to a wide range of planning and development projects from residential housing to renewable energy.

Latest Posts

The Military’s Overwhelming Wildlife Diversity

Churchill’s Conservation Legacy It may seem counter-intuitive to think that the army boots and tanks rumbling across the vast MOD estates dotted around the country are producing some of the most species-rich and valuable... Read More

Remembrance Sunday

A number of our native plant species have deep ties with symbolism, but arguably, none more-so than the Common or Field poppy, Paparver rhoeas. The Common poppy has been an emblem of blood... Read More